6 Ultimate Tips for Writing an Attractive Resume

A strong resume is vital in getting a job and involves the correct information, structure and even format. If your resume is attractive, your chances of landing an appointment for the interview will always remain high.

If you also looking for an attractive resume then this is a must-read article for you. Here we will discuss all the tips that help you in writing a beautiful resume and these tips are followed by best resume writing service Australia. Before we start discussing about our main objective, first understand the meaning of a perfect/attractive resume.

What is a perfect resume?

It is a document that contains a summary of your career which consists of the following things: job, skill and experience. Perfect resumes are always well-crafted that gives a strong impression on the employer, and the primary purpose here is to promote yourself as a well-qualified candidate for the job. 

If your document successfully highlights your skills, the potential of getting a job will be easy. For more information, always get assignment help in Australia. Now let’s discuss our main objective:

1. Choose the format & start with the contact information:

The first step is choosing the best format for the assignment. Different templates and online resumes are beneficial in this step. First, search for the suitable samples which best suit your career. Make sure your resume is easy to read & include proper font, bullet points and concise headings. 

Then after that, you need to put the contact information. Include your full name, email address, city, phone number and state. Add contact information at the border text or in a header area. Seek the best resume writing service Australia if needed. 

2. Include your professional life and summarise your education & experience:

After writing the contact information, put all the details about your professional life. This section provides brief information about your professional identity, including current job titles, degrees, social media profiles, primary skills, etc. 

If there is a digital portfolio, then also include it. A hiring manager always looks at your portfolio and quickly understands why you are best for this job. If needed, get the best assignment help in Australia for this. The resume also has body parts and many important sections; add the education & experience section also here.

 Here you need to write about your school, college and even degree if required. Add your academic awards also, if you have any. In the experience section, you must write the position title and what you achieve while remaining in that role or position. 

3. Highlights your skills and certifications:

After that, show all the skills you learned during university and college. For example, if you are a full stack developer, add skills like java-script, CSS, HTML, and Python based on your interest. With skills, you need to put or show the certificates which make your resume more relevant and authentic. 

Also, add relevant keywords because sometimes hiring managers use automated tracking systems to get the right candidate. If needed, also show how you acquired that certificate and how this can help you with future clients. Also, show the date when you get the resume. 

4. Focus on quality, not quantity:

Remember to include an experience relevant from the job’s point of view. Never make a lengthy resume; your resume must be finished within one or two page max. The description of my current job will be the longest. 

And if you are a freshener, then only a one-page resume; only senior level resumes more than one pageGet the resume writing service Australia to know more about it.

5. Highlights your soft skills:

Students often forget to show their soft skills, which is not good from the hiring point of view. You must show soft skills like critical thinking, public speaking, digital literacy, leadership, professional attitude, career management, etc. 

All such skills are critical when seeking a job at a higher-level position. If you do not know how to write such information, get an assignment help Australia learn more about it.

6. Proofread and edit your resume:

Proofreading/Editing plays a vital role in getting the proper assignment help. Here you have read all the information. Remember, if you write even a single spelling wrong, it can affect your impression.

So, these are tips which help you to make your perfect resume. Now let’s understand the right way of formatting the resume.

What are the seven format tips for resumes?

Without the correct format, your resume will never become perfect. Here are some of the guidelines which explain your formatting style:

  1. Always make sure that your resume looks left aligned. This includes your work experience & skills sections. If there is some space left on the right side, add education, certificate and awards.
  2. In most cases, you have to add a 1″ margin as a space for the resume,
  3. The font you used in the resume should look professional, like time new roman or Calibri. Avoid using eccentric fonts like courier new. For such information, get an assignment help Australia.
  4. The font size for the body part should be 10 or 12, depending on your writeup and space requirements. On the other hand, use a bigger font for the name and header section. 
  5. Always divide your information into clear sections. It will make your resume easier to look into.
  6. Always set the header for every section. 
  7. All the work experience should be written in the form of bullet points.  
  8. Always maintain your length for resume making. The typical size will be one page. If you are applying for the senior role, use a maximum of 2 pages.
  9. Remember never use first-person pronouns like I or me. Otherwise, you will use this multiple times, making your resume less attractive and boring.

So, these are some points which you need to remember while formatting your resume. If you are confused about your resume-making process, we suggest you get a resume writing service Australia.

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