Why Indian Students Gave Preference To Australia For Pursuing Their Graduation?

When thinking of Australia, kangaroos, koalas, vast expanses of outback bush, pristine air, and straightforward water pop to mind. But they are only a tiny portion of what Australia has to show. Australia is renowned for its high living standards, and it is a country with an estimated 12.5 million who speak English. Australia is alluring to those who want to study there because it is home to many different cultures. Those considering Australia as a place for higher education find this accompanied by high levels of education to be highly alluring.

One of the main benefits of studying in Australia is that learners can live, learn, and develop according to their schedules. If you desire a lavish lifestyle and a decent education, Australia is the place to go. International students have an added benefit of living in Australia since they gain exposure and can anticipate a 15% annual development in their careers. However, the assignment help professionals discuss some essential points that explain why Indian students choose Australia for their study.

Why Choose Australia?

The data in the table below demonstrates the reasons why students from all over the world choose to study in Australia:

Universities among the top 100 (globally)06
Total Higher Education Institutions 1,000
Higher Education System Ranking#8 (as per THE 2020)
Total Courses Offered22,000
Student Satisfaction Rate90%
Best Student-Friendly Australian Cities07
International Student ScholarshipAUD 300 million (invested)
Graduation Outcome80%
Alumni Number2.5 million (2019)

What Are The Profits of Choosing Australia?

Why should I study in Australia? This inquiry brings up various advantages of attending school in Australia for both domestic students and those from abroad. See the bullet points below to learn about the main benefits of studying in Australia:

Depending on the selected region, the cost of obtaining a degree and living in Australia is 40–60% lowers than in the USA/UK.

In light of the quantity, standard of living, and travel opportunities, it is the second “hot” destination after the USA. Every year, more than a thousand Indian and international students travel to Australia to pursue their academic goals.

Australia’s internationally renowned universities, which offer a wide range of courses with the latest syllabi and structure and result-oriented professors, are another significant advantage of studying there.

There are part-time career opportunities for overseas students who want to work while they study and get professional experience. This facilitates networking at a greater level and establishing new relationships at a fundamental level.

Australia is always willing to hire graduates from its institutions since they are prepared for the workforce and have a wide range of employment prospects in both the public and private sectors.

Some Top-Most Preferred Courses in Australia

The fact that there are more than 22,000 degrees offered at 100 Australian universities is a significant factor in drawing both domestic and international students to Australia. Various courses—including certificate and PG Diploma programs—are provided in more than ten fields of study at the undergrad, graduate, and doctorate levels. Engineering & Technology, Physical & Life Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Clinical, Social Sciences, and Pre-Clinical & Health are among the prominent fields of study at Australian universities that are ranked by THE.

The academic experts known for doubt clearing and assignment services say that in Australia, popular programmes include MBA programmes, engineering and related subjects, agriculture and environmental science, information technology, etc. This is why:

  1. MBA institutions get the highest number of applicants but only accept 25%. There are placement prospects and higher growth alternatives available.
  2. In contrast to other nations, international engineers in 2010 made up 43% of the total. It is also advantageous in terms of postgraduate and graduate school research choices.
  3. Since 2019, an increase in students enrolling in information and technology courses has been attributed to the recent launch of over 33,000 job openings in Australia. Graduates in Australia with an IT degree earn very high wages, and Australia is the top destination for master’s degrees.
  4. In Australia’s quickest industry, healthcare and social assistance, many overseas students are interested in studying medicine and healthcare there. International students are not restricted to employment in Australia alone because the degree is recognized worldwide.
  5. In 50% of Australia’s urban areas, numerous plentiful agricultural occupations are accessible. Because of this, many students choose to do courses in agriculture.

What do Indian Students Get While Studying in Australia?

In 2017, almost 65,000 Indian students were admitted, setting a record. This suggests Australia is among the top five worldwide destinations for Indian scholars. For Indian students, studying in Australia offers several advantages, including internationally recognized degrees, ease of obtaining a student visa, availability of scholarships, employment prospects, inclusivity regardless of race, more significant work experience, etc. The major arguments in favour of Indian students studying in Australia include the ones listed below:

  1. Due to its widespread qualification approval and global reputation, Australia is a favourite study abroad location. In 2017, over 68,000 Indian students relocated to Australia.
  2. Another benefit Australia provides is the availability of scholarships for Indian scholars with GPAs as low as 3.6. There are more than 300 scholarships, ranging from 10% to 100%.
  3. Reasonable living expenses for Indian students studying in Australia, with yearly costs not exceeding AUD 90,000. This covers tuition costs, salary (part- or full-time), housing, transportation, etc.
  4. Australia offers lower tuition fees and permits students to work part-time while enrolled in school. Part-time workers may work up to 20 hours per week.
  5. Indian students can obtain a two-year work visa extension in Australia. The students can choose to stay behind to get experience in the real world. Indian students can find employment in Australia throughout their studies and after graduation.
  6. One of the unique benefits for Indian students is the similarities between the Australian and Indian educational systems. Many Australian universities provide placements for a few degrees, and both education methods are primarily based on the British one. Since there is no longer a difficulty associated with evaluating credentials or having universities check credentials, it is simpler for students to be accepted into any level.

There are many colleges to pick from, and a variety of cities to enrol in are additional factors why Indian students opt to study in Australia. Based on their preferences and areas of interest, students can choose.

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