Top Full Proof Tips for Writing a Great Assignment

Crafting an excellent assignment is a unique process for every individual. Some require complete silence while working, whereas others need the adventure that keeps them going. However, without guidance, both are difficult to pursue. To help you with similar tasks, there are fantastic ways to promote a better, cleaner draft of assignments.

Usually, these steps involve– discovery/investigation, prewriting stage, revising and editing.

Top assignment writing tips you should know!

There are stages of assignment writing. Based on each stage, we have shared the tips that are best suited for those looking for fool proof assignment writing tips.

Discovery or investigation

The first step of working on an assignment is actively participating in the first stage. The initial step that makes your work flawless is finding the sources of assignment writing. You might often think it is not as efficient as you wanted, but if you spend more time and effort on it, better reading material will come your way!

Here are the simple tips for the initial stage of assignment writing

  1. Read your assignment module carefully.
  2. Analyse what questions have been asked of you.
  3. You do not have to read the entire textbook in order to understand the issue. Just ensure you obtain the necessary elements of the topic to help you in further stages.
  4. There are peer-reviewed journals that help students find relevant information about their topics. Make sure you connect with your professor for this.
  5. To yield better results for the assignments, you can also use Google Scholar, which is also a most common secondary resource.

Prewriting stage

The next assignment stage is related to the tasks, which include making a draft. Let’s check out what other activities it may consist of.

  1. Free writing
  2. Outlining
  3. Brainstorming
  4. And clustering

How to fulfil the prewriting stage? Well, let’s find out with these tips,

  1. Make sure you use all your ideas and brainstorming sessions to find a unique argument which has never been done before.
  2. Despite the fact that there is hardly anything that hasn’t been talked about, you must think out of the box and come up with some exclusive findings.
  3. During the prewriting stage, you can identify your audience and prepare an outline that covers everything per the readers’ expectations.
  4. Even though you have been told that professors will read your write-up, you must not limit yourself to only one group.
  5. Make sure your assignment has new features about an old topic.
  6. You must also outline your assignment beforehand, so you do not have to face a last-minute struggle!

Drafting stage

When you plan to solve a  ‘Write My Essay’ query, there will be a turmoil of ideas about how to draft an effective essay. It is important to remember that your essay must have a thesis statement. Without a compelling thesis, you can’t complete an assignment. Here is what you can apply to your assignment draft.

  1. An assignment draft should have material that you found in the prewriting stage.
  2. Make the best use of your notes and compose a well-analysed assignment.
  3. Students can sometimes write the main body paragraph before the introduction, which is an effective practice.
  4. If you are unsure about the introduction, make sure you follow the above tip and complete the body paragraphs first.
  5. Based on the thesis statement, if you think your ideas do not align with its introduction, make sure you are ready to make changes in lengthy paragraphs.
  6. Creating an opening paragraph is essential whenever you add new information.
  7. Use transitional words and phrases wherever you plan to add new information.


Revision is one of the impactful ways to make your assignment flawless, informative and unique. There are two scopes of modifications: global and local.

Global revision is the one that identifies issues related to cohesion and the overall flow of the paper. When your assignment has specific paragraphs that are not in the right flow and changes the sentence structure abruptly, your assignment will have poor cohesion.

On the other hand, if your assignment has smooth transitions, it will be significantly easier to read. It balances the arguments rather than just putting everything together with the same weight.

Local revision is the type that involves looking for better clarity in sentences and maintaining coherence with your thoughts. The best way to avoid local revisions is to use various ranges of sentence structure instead of repeating the exact words repeatedly. If you have the same monotonous sentences throughout the paper, it will appear dull.


The final stage in writing is to work on a paper that requires you to review what you have written. Here is what you can do to ensure the falseness of your document;

  1. Read the entire assignment carefully.
  2. Make sure you check the grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.
  3. Read your paper aloud. This will help you identify the flow of your sentences which are hard to find without!
  4. Reading the paper backward will also help catch the culprits.
  5. Even though this task seems minor, you may not find as many errors as an assignment help website can. So, make sure you also seek external support at affordable rates.

Formatting, inner-text citation

Formatting an assignment is not an easy job. However, the significance of correct formation is something which you should never ignore. Usually, there are multiple ways to format your work and find a suitable structure. As you think about how to ‘Write My Essay,’ you must also give priority to the format of your assignment. Generally, there are some famous formats for each discipline, for example–

  1. Sciences, business, and economics use APA or CSE format.
  2. For English, arts and humanities, we use MLA
  3. For history- Chicago.

Now comes the inner text citation, an essential element of the assignment help Sydney. There are many people who do not find the proper guidelines to put in the inner-text source. Do not worry, and read the tips below;

  1. Consult your professors or assignment help Sydney, and see what they say about different kinds of citations based on the format.
  2. There are many guides for citation which you can find online.

Want to know how to write an exceptional assignment with less pressure? Check out the assignment help Sydney online and avail yourself of the best services to enhance your writing skills!

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