Why is Python better than other programming languages?

Building software is considered like building a home. In both cases, you need a strong beginning. If you put more effort into the foundation, your home will become strong, and the process of making it also becomes smooth, but if your house has a weak foundation, it can scatter quickly.

If the home is like software, then programming is the foundation. Learning programming is a challenge for many, which is why many students are asking for python assignment help to complete their assignments. Do you know why this language is so much in demand nowadays? If not, then read this blog post. Here we will throw some light on different perspectives of Python programming.

Why is Python so important?

According to the 2017 Stack Overflow survey, Python will beat all the programming languages by 2020. And it has indeed become one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world. There are multiple reasons for it, and all such explanations are explained by programming assignment help in detail.

  1. Fast development: It is designed for easily accessible. Thus it is easy to develop the software.
  2. A large number of libraries & libraries: An enormous collection of different frameworks & libraries which help you during the initial development. Like NumPy, TensorFlow etc.
  3. Performance: It is easy to integrate other high-level languages into it. Cython is an excellent example of this.
  4. Easy maintenance & coding: Its syntax is similar to English. This makes it easier compared to others. To know more about it, get python assignment help.

So we already discussed some of its importance, and now we will compare it with other programming languages.

Compare with Java-Script:

Both have different purposes, but if we compare them, you will know that Python is used for the back-end development, whereas java-script is used for web apps and the front end. 

In a 2020 Stack Overflow survey, 67.7% of the respondents used JavaScript, whereas only 44.1% used Python. In general, when significant amounts of data are processed in real-time, then java script is used. On the other hand, Python works faster in CPU-intensive situations.

In terms of web development, Java script is more efficient due to Node.js. On the other hand, due to the presence of large libraries, python software developers have more advantages. Seek programming assignments help to learn more about it.

Compare Python with java:

Python has been called dynamically as well as an interpreted language. On the other hand, java is compiled & statistically typed, and python language is not compiled before running. 

On the other hand, java is compiled because its code is first compiled into binary-byte code. This makes Python faster than java. Seek python assignment help to know more about it.

Compare Python with ruby:

Anything we can do with Python, we can also do with the ruby language. But Python is better for machine learning, data science & artificial intelligence.

Compare with PHP:

PHP is used for the development of purposes. Both have different purposes, but Python has advantages regarding data analytics, machine learning and the internet of things. Seek programming assignments help to learn more about it.

In the end, different languages have different specialties. We cannot say that one language is better than the other. Yes, we can perform many functions with the same language, but still, different languages have different objectives to play. For example, one-software is developed by using different kinds of languages. 

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